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Who’s Who

Headteacher Mrs Katey Thompson (DSL)

Deputy Headteacher Mrs Antonia Robinson 


Admin Office

Business Manager                 Mrs Tara Stock

Finance/Clerical Assistant     Mrs Heather Chandler

Clerical Assistant                   Mrs Sanya Azad

HLTA                                     Miss Hewitt (PPA Cover in all classes)

SENDCO                               Miss Kendall


Family Worker Team

Family Worker                   Miss Toni Toombs (Mon – Weds)

Family Worker                   Miss Melissa Maya (Weds - Fri) 

EAL Learning Mentor        Miss Tillotson


Badger Class (3 year old Provision)

Class Teacher                      Miss Kendall

Early Years Keyworker        Ms Furssedonn

Early Years Keyworker        Mrs Ogunleye

Early Years Keyworker        Mrs Read


Otter Class (3 year old provision)

Class Teacher                     Mrs Robinson

Early Years Keyworker       Miss Morsley


Squirrel Class is run by staff from Badger and Otter classes on a rota system

Specialist SEND TA          Mrs Cairney

(Squirrel Class Lead)


Hedgehog Class (2 year old provision)

Room Lead                        Mrs Day

Early Years Keyworker      Miss Tunnecliffe-Zaman

Early Years Keyworker      Mrs Islam

Early Years Assistant         Mrs Harris



Robin Class (2 year old provision)

Room Lead                       Mrs Stone

Room Lead                       Mrs Baker

Early Years Keyworker     Miss Hughes

Early Years Keyworker     Mrs Cannella

Early Years Assistant        Mrs O'Neill


Owl Class is run by staff from Hedgehog and Robin classes on a rota system

Specialist SEND TA          Mrs Musonda

(Owl Class Lead)         


Lunch time staff

Kitchen Manager               Mrs McGee

Midday Supervisor            Mrs Batool


Breakfast Club

Early Years Keyworker     Mrs Cannella

Early Years Keyworker     Mrs Islam


Tea Club

Care worker                      Mrs McGee


Site Management

Site Agent                         Mr Mick McKenna

Cleaner                             Mrs Elaine Taylor

Cleaner                             Mrs Lorraine Coleman


All staff declared any business interests in February 2024.  Most staff have no business interests other than standing on our school governing bodies.  Where a business interest is a possiblity, the SBM ensures the school follows policies and procedures set out by the Local Authority.  Our Governing Body minutes prove this happens.


Many staff may know families, from living in the area, from their relatives coming to the school as children, or from external relationships.  All staff who have a relationship interest with past or present pupils are requested to complete an additional interests form, which is stored in the main office.