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Hart Hill Nursery School is a Luton LA Maintained Nursery School, who receives the majority of funding via Luton Borough Council from the Government.


Hart Hill receives income in the following ways:

  • Government funding for universal 3 and 4 year olds
  • Government funding for additional hours (30 hour funding)
  • Government funding for children eligble for 2 year funding
  • Family fees for wraparound care, including breakfast club, afterschool club, lunch care and additional hours
  • SEND funding for the school’s 16 resourced places
  • EHCP funding linked to individual children
  • DAF funding linked to individual children
  • EYPP funding linked to indiviudal children
  • Catering income for school dinners


Hart Hill spends this on the following items:

  • Staffing
  • Building maintenance
  • Resources, including classroom, ICT and cleaning products
  • Energy costs and other utilities
  • Business rates
  • Staff training
  • Service level agreemeents and enrichment activities

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Employee's Salary Guide

The school currently has no employees who have a gross salary of £100,000 or more

(January 2023)