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British Values

We believe the school’s evryday life reflects the British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. As a school we have signed up to ‘Picture News’ which gives ideas of how to incorporate British Values into everyday life and how to encourage children to develop their thinking.


Examples of British Values you may see at Hart Hill Nursery School:


Discussions take place to see what the children would chose to do if they led the class, school or country.  Opportunities for the children to vote takes place regularly, including voting for the fruit of the day, voting for the story at the end or voting for bikes or scooters in the garden.

Rule of Law

Children helped to create golden rules of the school and the routines of the day.  Opportunities are given to know right from wrong and to challenge their friends if they are not doing the right thing; children are encouraged to help each other do the right thing on a day to day basis.

Individual Liberty

Children are encouraged to think about themselves and the reasons behind their decisions, for example they may discuss foods that they like and dislike and the reasons why, but will still be encouraged to develop their choices and try new things.  Discussions take place regarding why we may need new things, we do not buy things just ‘because’, but maybe to replace an old item, or for a special event.

Mutual Respect

Children are encouraged to think about others and how we can help people who are not as lucky as we are.  Discussions take place to think about how we can share activities with others and enjoy spending time with other children in the classroom.  The promote of everyone’s ideas are valued and a group of children can develop enhanced ideas, when working together as a team.


Our children are taught to respect each other’s views and opinions and learn about the different beliefs and faiths, so they have a better understanding of people’s views that they may come across in life. This helps to teach them from a very young age the value of tolerance, as well as preparing them for life in modern Britain.