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Cognition and Learning

We provide a highly differentiated curriculum to meet the needs of individual children with special educational needs. Children are taught new skills in whole class adult led sessions, small group sessions and each child will work on their individual targets 1:1 with an adult in their work area and/or in the classroom. 


There is a focus on developing children's attention skills as this is needed to access all areas of the curriculum. We use the Attention Autism Programme designed by Gina Davies which offers an irresistible invitation to learn. It is in four stages as below:


Stage 1: Focusing attention

At stage 1, exciting objects are taken from a box and shown to the children to grab their attention.


Stage 2: Sustaining attention

At stage 2, the adult engages in a visually stimulating activity to encourage the children to sit and attend for longer.


Stage 3: Shifting attention

At stage 3, the children take a turn at an activity.


Stage 4: Focusing, sustaining and shifting attention including a transition to independent working

At stage 4, the children watch an adult modelling an activity and then take it to the table to have a go at completing the activity independently.


Please see below, a copy of the medium term plan for Attention Skills.