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Hart Hill Nursery School aims to ensure fairness and equality for all families that apply for their child to attend the school by:

  • Having a clear procedure for admissions to the school, at set times of the year and for in-year admissions
  • Ensuring that key dates regarding to funding and closing date are communicated to parents, as early as possible
  • Providing support for families with regards to forms, questions, visits and decisions
  • Having a fair and transparent reserve list
  • Providing families with clear guidelines, so that they can apply for the funding entitlement that matches their needs
  • Making additional costs/activities clear to parents from the outset, through our Charging and Remission Policy
  • Reviewing and updating the Admissions Policy, in line with statutory requirements, at least annually

The school requires a £10 joining fee, to be handed in with the application form.  This covers the cost of a book bag and a 'Just in Case' bag, which you will recieve once your child joins the school.

Should you choose for your child not to join the school after submitting your application form, the £10 is non-refundable.

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