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Social, Emotional and Mental Health

We run interventions to support children to develop their skills to manage their feelings and behaviour and to regulate their emotions. 


As a school, we use Zones of Regulation. This is a programme developed to support children to recognise their emotions (which link to a colour) and develop strategies to regulate them. Zones of Regulation teaches children that it is normal to feel any emotion, but it is important to learn to regulate them so that they are ready to learn. 


Children are also taught to express their emotions through Signs 4 Feelings and children are taught Makaton signs linked to emotions.


We also teach children skills to support with their social development, for example turn taking skills.


We teach this through highly structured turn taking games and more informal opportunities to take a turn in a game. 


Please see below our medium term plans for Zones of Regulation, Signs 4 Feelings and Turn Taking.