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Vision, Aims & Mission Statement

Our vision is for everyone at Hart Hill Nursery School, including staff, children, parents, governors and visitors to:


Give the best we have to make a difference


We aim to meet this vision by:

  • Empowering parents to take a lead in their child’s education
  • Strengthening independence, so that a child can select a resource/idea and communicate why
  • Forging strong relationships with all stakeholders based on trust and transparency
  • Building resilience to overcome barriers or challenges by understanding and regulating our emotions
  • Boosting confidence, so that a child will try new things and take safe risks, knowing it’s okay if it doesn’t go right or you don’t like something
  • Embedding a love of reading, so that a child can know the power a book can have emotionally and educationally
  • Developing empathy to show how love and care can help others through our community links, learning about and respecting each other’s similarities and differences
  • Promoting communication, not just speech, as a powerful tool to make our feelings and thoughts heard
  • Stimulating natural curiosity and flexibility of thinking, so that a child questions what is happening and why they are doing things


We meet these aims by:

Learning to Play:Playing to Learn