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SEND Information Report

Special Educational Needs and the Resourced Provision

Hart Hill Nursery is a designated school for a small number of children with severe and complex special needs and the school is committed to inclusion.  Our SENCo is Antonia Robinson, who is happy to help with any enquiries.

All children are integrated into the nursery and we have many methods of support put into place to help both them and their families. We give the children strategies and systems to help them to communicate, to join in with nursery activities and to access the curriculum in an age and stage appropriate way.

We are very lucky to have an additional space (Purple Room) which is used to support the children to remain calm and to ensure that their wellbeing is at a level which means they are ready to learn; this allows them to feel safe. Purple Room provides a distraction free space, where the children can go with a member of staff and take part in activities, in an environment which does not provide the over stimulation. In this room the children take part in sensory play, sensory circuits, attention skills, TacPac and have a space where they can relax away from the busyness of the main classrooms.

Each classroom has the facilities to provide a distraction free area, with a workstation, where the children will learn to complete independent tasks and begin their journey to be school ready, at the stage that is appropriate to them.

Makaton signing is used with all children in the nursery, this ensures that everyone can communicate and have their views heard.

When a child with special needs leaves us, they will transfer to either a mainstream infant or primary school or to one of the specialist primary schools, Lady Zia Werhner School or Richmond Hill School where they will continue to have specialist support.

Please click on the link below to read our local offer.

SEN Information Report

Mrs Robinson can be contacted via the school office:

Telephone Number: 01582 731701


If you are concerned around the SEND provision that your child is receiving, please contact Luton SENS Team.

Click below for Luton’s Local Offer:

We are committed to the safety and welfare of all our children and follow guidelines and procedures set out by Luton Borough Council’s Safeguarding Children Board. Our Safeguarding Children policy is available for you to read along with all the other policies and procedures. If we have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing we will always talk to you. Equally, if you feel you need help or support with your child or family we are always happy to help you.