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The Daily Routine

‘Education for children’s futures requires supporting children’s ability to learn and think for themselves.’

Birth to Five Matters 2021

We plan the routine of the day very carefully, to ensure that the children have an opportunity to take part in a broad and balanced curriculum, including small family group sessions, whole class teaching, individualised teaching and free choice (child initiated learning).

Every day the children have the opportunity to be listened to and to listen to others around them. They also have specific times to learn phonics, increase their attention span, develop their self-help skills and challenge their early reading, writing and mathematics skills. This is all to ensure that they are ready and prepared to move onto their next step in their school career, when the time arises. The children are taught to challenge themselves and overcome barriers, working together with their friends to find new ways to do things. This helps them to build resilience; which in turn will help them with everyday life.

The routine of the day is different depending on the type of care and education your child is having at one given time. The education and care is planned and facilitated differently for the children who are in the rocking horse club to the main nursery, as they have completed their 15 hours of funded education and may need to spend some time relaxing, due to being in school for a very long period of time.

The two year old provision and the SEND provision are much more flexible, due to the age and stage of the children’s development. The staff are very experienced at knowing their children and noticing when they just need to have a break or the opportunity of a smaller, more nurturing environment; the classrooms and the outdoor area, can at times appear very busy, especially to our more vulnerable children.

Class Timetables



We are committed to the safety and welfare of all our children and follow guidelines and procedures set out by Luton Borough Council’s Safeguarding Children Board. Our Safeguarding Children policy is available for you to read along with all the other policies and procedures. If we have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing we will always talk to you. Equally, if you feel you need help or support with your child or family we are always happy to help you.